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[META] Emojis seem to break post contents on these forums

I've posted quite a few things here recently, and I've noticed something rather strange. On a couple occasions, I've tried inserting some emoji into my posts, which seem to suddenly disappear after submitting. I realize that really wouldn't a huge deal by itself, but I have reason to believe this also results in any further text *after* the emoji getting completely removed in the process. This is rather concerning, especially since forum posts currently cannot be edited.

I first noticed this after posting my suggestion regarding edit markers here:

While I was initially writing that post, I added a lil emote after that final line: "I realize Cohost and GitHub are serving entirely difference audiences"

Further following that text, I went on a bit further for half a paragraph going into more detail on design ideas n such for the suggestion. All of that text content was lost because of an emoji.

As hilarious as that might be, it is *really* annoying having to lose any kind of work like that. I think this should be addressed before anyone makes the same mistake here, losing even more work than I.

Finally, for the sake of demonstration, I'm going to add an emoji to this very post and screenshot the full contents before submitting. (partly also a sanity check lmao)

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aaand there it is.
good to know im not imagining things LOL

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