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(Offer to) Automatically reduce image file size to meet upload size requirements

I'll take a picture with my phone, go to share it, but get an error that it's larger than 5MB. On mobile, image editing is much more difficult than desktop. It would be nice if Cohost could resize or lower the quality of the uploaded picture to meet the file size requirement.

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I totally agree with this! editing banner and profile photos before uploading is a bit of a pain. perhaps the image compression could be done client-side in browser to prevent large file uploads.

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BIG +1, but only if the user is given some notice that the image has been compressed, or they have to click some button to active the compression themselves. other websites like twitter automatically crunching up your pics with absolutely *no* notice or consent has always been annoying as hell.

also as @avery miller suggested, compressing images with pure JS is definitely possible. here's just one example from SO:

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Not having this feature from the jump has been a big barrier to entry for folks I've seen making the jump over from Twitter - some younger users aren't even accustomed to an online world where they've ever had to manually downsize an image

There's a lot of cool things about cohost but I'd hate for people to bounce after that very early UX speedbump

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 The max file size could also stand to be bigger than 5 mb.

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I REALLY hope such a feature will be implemented soon. 

Automatic image compression for non-premium members and full res for premium members, perhaps?

I can attest to this being a huge roadblock to joining. Especially as an artist who regularly uploads images in excess of 10mb to other sites, seeing that 10mb *paid* file size limit made me do a double take. This should seriously be a priority issue, it's going to make uploading my work to Cohost a pain every time.

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