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Cohost keeps logging me out


I am very frequently being logged out from Cohost; login sessions are getting lost on a near-daily basis. This adds a lot of friction to my use of the site, since I have to log in before checking for new posts.

I filed this as a bug but of course, I don't really know if it's a bug or intended behavior.

I am primarily using the iOS progressive web app.

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Seems to still be somewhat of an issue, as if you don't log in every single day, you get logged back out on the device.

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Still an issue, iOS & Firefox Mobile.

Hi. Sudden logging out still an issue - Firefox 107.0 (64 Bit), Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS.

Still an issue, both on Firefox Desktop and Mobile.

Still an issue for me on iOS.

Happens for me when I add Cohost to my home screen from Firefox Mobile on Android, every time I open it I'm logged out. Unsure if using desktop is required to log out or if just closing the PWA is what causes it.

Happening for me on Firefox 108.0.1 on current Windows 10 as well as iOS 15.4 on Safari. On desktop, it might be an interaction with one of these extensions, I haven't on/off tested them:


For what it's worth. With iOS/Safari, I was experiencing almost daily log in.

> Settings
> Safari
> Advanced
> Website Data

> "cohost" and "cohostcdn"

Cleaning this up seems to have led to a more persistent session.

My theory is that old users have something lurking in localStorage that is affecting things. But I didn't have the foresight to poke through mine before clearing it.

I also don't have Mobile Firefox to verify if this is the same issue.

I have been on the site for a month max. This login lasted less than 24 hrs on my phone. Using Firefox on Android. Additionally, A cohost tab stayed open throughout, so no apparent impact there.

This is happening to me every day across 3 devices. iPhone, Windows Firefox, and Mac Chromium. For each device, if the cohost site remains unvisited for a span of 24 hours, I will have to sign in again the next time I visit it. I don't have any special cookie policies enabled in any of these browsers, though I have uBlock Origin installed on both the Firefox and Chromium-based browsers. Cohost is the only site I use that has this problem. Twitter, Mastodon instances, Google-based things, Twitch, webmail accounts, various forums, chat platforms, etc., are all fine. It's only cohost.

I'll try clearing data for the cohost domains, but I'm skeptical this will work, since some these were only used with cohost after this thread was marked as solved.

Still happening. Ironically, I have no problem staying logged into this support site.

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Is this *not* happening to anyone? I asked a friend, and it happens them as well. Sorry for posting repeatedly, but the guidelines ask to not start a new thread for a topic or bug that already exists, and I don't know what else to do except reply to this one with more information or questions.

It's stopped happening. Been fine for the last two days. Fixed? I hope so. :)
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