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Cohost keeps logging me out


I am very frequently being logged out from Cohost; login sessions are getting lost on a near-daily basis. This adds a lot of friction to my use of the site, since I have to log in before checking for new posts.

I filed this as a bug but of course, I don't really know if it's a bug or intended behavior.

I am primarily using the iOS progressive web app.

20 people have this problem

Hello; I'm using Google Chrome on my iPhone iOS and I've gotten logged out of cohost maybe 3-4 times in the past 12 hours.

Why not extend the period to two weeks or more? I don't follow enough people to justify visiting the site every day and sometimes I go over a week before I remember to check, and by then I've been logged out. I've only had one other site log me out this frequently: Tapas. All other sites I use let me stay logged in despite longer periods of inactivity.

Still experiencing on Firefox Nightly PWA.

It happens to me at least twice a week on both desktop and mobile.

Yep, this has started recurring for me too as of maybe a week ago, multiple different browsers, multiple different systems.

I regret to say that this is still happening for me as well; it was solved for a while when it was marked as closed, but then it returned a month or two ago? I use several different devices (iOS Safari "applike" shortcut, Firefox 116.0.3 on Linux Mint, Firefox 116.0.2 on Windows 10). As others have reported, it seems to happen on the Firefox devices more than on the iOS "app". I have 2FA enabled, so there's extra friction every time I have to log in.

Some of these devices move around (the Linux Mint is on my laptop, the iOS "app" is on my phone) and are connecting to the internet through different networks frequently (at work, at home, at a friend's house using their wifi, etc.). I don't know enough about any of this to be able to speculate on causes, but it's irritating enough that it makes me want to disable 2FA so it's not as much of a hassle to log in frequently.

This past week I've been constantly getting logged out out of nowhere and idk why it's marked as Solved :/ I use Firefox!

I started getting logged out recently; didn't experience this for the ~2 months I've been using cohost before now. Android, pixel 6 pro, Firefox I have the cohost website pinned to my home screen so it runs like an app (forget the proper name for this). Fwiw: I own the auth system at my job and I know these bugs are way harder to track down than they appear. Sending y'all the goodest vibes

The original issue was related to the session database being too small, causing sessions to be evicted early, IIRC. For the record, the intended timeout on sessions for cohost is 7 days. If a given device goes longer than that without accessing the site, then that device will be logged out. If you're being logged out on a given device before 7 days, it may be appropriate to file a ticket, to help staff track down the problem (

This is still happening to me on desktop firefox, but never on mobile firefox. Maybe due to me using the site on mobile much more often than on desktop?

Same here. I don't understand how this was marked as solved. It's still an ongoing issue.

still having this problem, I've mostly had it happen on desktop firefox

 me, yes. its been happening for weeks. happens when i check my notifs too.

Still happening to multiple users, including me. Had it happen just the other day. Here's a post about it happening just recently.

It's stopped happening. Been fine for the last two days. Fixed? I hope so. :)
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