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Posts not defaulting to "adult" on adult page

I recently created a new page and checked the 18+ content box, which states "This controls the default 18+ content state for any post you make." However, when I make a new post, it is defaulting to general audiences and I have to click the "adult content?" box myself each time.

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oh hey it's working correctly now! maybe it was just a temporary problem with all the site changes going on rn
nvm on the nvm - the auto checkmark is happening sometimes and not others, which is definitely worse than not at all, lol. i heard from a couple other people that it's happening to them as well, especially on mobile. (i use mobile nearly exclusively, safari for iphone to be specific.)

also getting this issue - the adult content check on new posts is consistently unchecked, even after toggling the option a few times.

i'm using firefox on linux, but i think i've been seeing the same thing on windows as well (also firefox).

 update: for desktop, it seems this is only happening when using the overlay "quick" post button that's in the bottom corner of the homepage. when using the main posting page, it correctly marks as adult by default.

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now that we're using this modal in some new places, ive flagged this to the team and we'll get it fixed soon. thank you!

This has been fixed and will be live soon!

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