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Prevent block circumvention

Unlike stated here blocks don't block users, but only pages.

This means that if I ("userA") block "page1" of "userB", "userB" can still access my page from their "page2".

This is a huge problem for people who want to block others on cohost.

The only way to currently circumvent this is to manually block all pages of a user, which is not practical as secondary pages might not be known.

A possible solution would be to make it so that blocks block users and not just pages, but that would introduce the ability to infer a users secondary pages from their block, which is also not ideal.

So a compromise solution would be the following:

Make it so that when a user blocks someone, they are also given the option to block all of that user's pages.

This way, users can still block other users without revealing which pages they have, but it is still possible to block a user with all their pages.

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