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Follower Circles of Trust

Stemming from this idea which stemmed from another idea, which was such a cool idea that my two cents ended up becoming a whole two dollars, I want to give a pitch for a potential method of sorting and categorizing followers for ease of use and site travel.  

The function I'm pitching is basically marking pages under a group or a category, and having them tabbed separately/higher than normal followers. Outside of just mutuals, categorization would help, and a nice non-addictive way to phrase that kind of system would be different levels of friendship, like this diagram. 
The Language of Friendship - This Is Love Actually

One way to word this would be like "I know BlasboBabbins1138 in real life and I'm in close contact with them, so I'm going to put them in the 'Mutual/Face-to-face/I've met this person circle'"

I'd very much like some method of filtration and organization, because it's cool and good to mark those different circles of friendship. Outside of just demarcating communities, going deeper and having that kind of 'We know each-other enough to classify as [X Friendship level]' is wholesome, I think it promotes the kind of trust that other sites are built to actively erode.

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