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Allow consecutive line breaks in page descriptions

My main page's description uses multiple line breaks to achieve the formatting I wish to have. Unfortunately, to get this formatting, I've had to resort to using special characters, since we're apparently not allowed to use more than 1 line break in a row.


(I've also tried forcing it with <br/> tags. those don't seem to work either.)

I think it'd be very nice to have the ability to use actual consecutive line breaks. :) If there's concern about someone making huge profile descriptions, it could probably just be limited to like 3 or 4 in a row or something. at least enough to make the kind of formatting i'm using here

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I'm not sure what it was a month ago, but this does seem to work now. Except that `<br/>` and `<p>` introduce the same amount of space. E.g. on my profile I'm trying to aim for three 'clumps' of text (two short paragraphs, plus some language snippets). Despite writing it out in three paragraphs separated by newlines, and despite the HTML being the expected three `<p>` elements where one has some `<br/>`s in it, it still lookes totally equalized:


I think a simple fix would be adding some margin to `<p>` elements and reducing the line spacing. Personally I'd quite like to see it match the spacing in posts; I think it looks quite nice, there.

i'm not sure what you mean, this is definitely still an issue:


using a `<br/>` tag has the same effect.

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Right, that's what I'm talking about. If you look at the HTML source you'll see there are two adjacent `<p>` tags, which is the Markdown being rendered correctly. But the CSS means that they stay adjacent, instead of being a bit spread apart like they are in posts (or on this board). I thought you meant that you couldn't have *any line breaks at all*, like they were all collapsed to spaces, so







would become


this is some text


I didn't know this was possible. I guess that's be in point for it being a baseline thing.
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