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Avoid going home when switching user pages

I have two pages on my Cohost account: My main public page, and a private alt.

Occasionally, I've found a user I'd like to follow, or even just a post I'd like to share through my alt page. Normally, I'm browsing with my main page, so naturally I'd have to switch. Unfortunately, switching pages means I'll instantly get booted back to the Cohost home page.

Needless to say, this is incredibly annoying. I'm not sure what the reason for this behavior is, if there is one... but I feel like it'd be a huge improvement for it to simply allow you to stay on the same URL when switching pages, whenever possible. :)

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looks like this just got implemented!
ty cohost devs <3

+1 for this, it would be super helpful since I switch between pages constantly and it'd be nice to have that be as seamless as possible.

I would love it on twitter and I would love it here

please please please please please

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