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Image lightbox captions shrink the image and eventually the image disappears

Sometimes people post screenshots of text and caption it. In the image lightbox, the image will shrink when the image caption is tall (left). Eventually, if the image caption is taller than the viewport, the image will be completely gone, leaving only the caption (right).


I feel like instead of shrinking the image, it should just cause the view to scroll or something

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This is even more noticeable on mobile, where even moderate-length descriptions shrink the image. On, on my phone, two images are smaller in the lightbox than in the post and the other two disappear entirely. In one case I can’t even read the entire description. And with the square image cropping in the main post, for at least one image I have no way of seeing the entire image, since it’s cropped in the post and missing in the lightbox. Ideally tapping an image would make it bigger and easier to see

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it should be noted that long alt text is bad and shouldn't be used anyway, but yes, this issue should be fixed

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