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Opt-in ability to unshroud titles for CW'd and adult posts

A title can provide useful context to a post and indicate what exactly is hidden behind a content warning or adult content clickthrough, and would enable a user to make an informed decision on whether to view a post.  

As-is, the only parts of a post visible are the tags and the warnings, and "CW: gore" could be anything from a long story that involves gore at some point, a description of a personal injury, a piece of vent art. All the user has to elucidate that are the tags. Titles would be a lot more useful in this case.

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Apparently I can't edit the above - was going to clarify that the ability could be on the author's side, a clickthrough on the user's side, or (ideally?) both.

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Hidden titles can be such a pain to figure out what's hidden when you're having to balance the hiding/showing for whatever reason. Thankfully the tags can help, when people are using them, but it'd be nice to be able maybe to opt in on seeing titles as part of the CW processing

I think this is definitely a good idea. I have a personal post about selfshipping that happens to have a CSA anecdote in it, and there's no way for ppl to know the original context of the post unless I blabber about it in the tags or CWs

honestly, i feel like it'd be more intuitive to add a secondary "details" field to the CW section that allows authors to further describe the content that viewers may not want to see. then when someone comes across the CW, they can press a button to view that description if they need to.

this could have two benefits:

  1. authors wouldn't feel pressured to add or modify post titles just to better explain the content warnings.
  2. authors wouldn't have to add details in the content warning tags themselves, no longer resulting in multiple CW tags for essentially the same type of thing (which is the situation we kinda have right now). for example, stuff like "gore mention" and "gore" could be merged into one CW tag and further explained with the details field.

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I still feel like this change is needed, as well as more granular CW control. It bothers me that my entire post gets collapsed because of a CW, and this has absolutely resulted in things not getting nearly as much engagement as the rest of my posts (and it's not something explosive. just small things like "cw: blood.")

Not collapsing the title should definitely be a thing. But I would prefer if it were up tot he poster's discretion to indicate what content int heir post needs the CW and what doesn't. The system does, of course, already rely on the poster choosing to CW anyway.

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