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Monthly? Yearly? Custom emoji proposal by Plus! members

 I think it would be cool to see more user-generated custom emojis, but it also could become a huge mess if anyone could upload as many as they want at any time... What if Plus! subscribers could submit one for approval every now and then, e.g. monthly or yearly...? 

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That, or each Plus subscriber could get x slots to upload their own images to, for their use specifically instead of for the site as a whole? Obviously, some clever souls will find / already have found a way to simulate this with CSS, but as a subscriber myself I'm not opposed to non-subscribers being able to do that. It would be more of a bonus convenience than an exclusive perk - being able to insert a small inline image, text description already included, with one button instead of pasting in code each time.

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(And of course, this could also be a core functionality, with free giving you a few slots and Plus giving you significantly more.)

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I think it would be cute if it was like, only Plus! members submit their nominations to the be the new emoji of the month. Staff then once a month pick one winning new emoji from all the Plus submissions; maybe to be this month's Plus Emoji (like how the host emojis are Plus! only).

Or maybe anyone can submit nominations for the new emoji of the month but only Plus! members get to vote on the new emoji.

Just trying to think of completely unimportant things that socially pressure people into spending money.

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This reminds me of how supporting Blaseball used to let you add a name to the in-game pool, and supporting Cookie Clicker lets you vote on the next flavour of cookie to be added (cosmetic difference) or name one of the "grandmas". This sort of thing where you can have a permanent but entirely cosmetic influence over some thing for giving them money does seem to work very well! I think it'd be very cool especially if the emoji were added to the custom set non-Plus subscribers can use - then it'd have a sense of 'subscribe to Plus and you get to help decide what weird image the entire website is using next month'.

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