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Font size/timeline width settings

Hello! My eyes aren't the best, would love a font size option if possible. Browser zooming is of course always an option, but when i zoom in the width of chosts in the timeline actually seems to decrease, which makes photo embeds and the like smaller and causing disproportionate text wrap. To prevent the formatting of CSS crimes, these features may have to be interlinked.

If it matters, I'm using latest Firefox on a Mac with scaling set to "looks like 1536x960".


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very much seconding this, i usually keep my browser zoomed in beyond the standard 100% for my vision's sake too, and cohost's layout is, not super ideal at handling that (and in reverse, zooming out to affect the text wrap and see more stuff per line also doesn't really do that, since the post width remains squeezed together with a ton of blank space around it instead..)

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 I completely agree, I have my firefox font turned up to 30, and in my opinion, the icon pictures take up way too much space. Here's a screen cap I took of size 30


compared to  size 15



I think the Cohost corner can be moved under the Left Side Bar, since it isn't sticky anyway, to make more space for the posts when increasing font size. It could be adaptive to grown and shrink for accommodations.

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We want to add our voice to this. Not for our sake, but the sake of a friend.

Fae is legally blind, and uses Cohost only on faer phone. Fae has an iPhone so fae uses Safari.

Zooming in is not really an option, and the lack of an app means fae can't use the system settings to enlarge the app's font scaling (as far as we understood). Fae needs settings within the website that allow faer to change the font size

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