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edit post tags in-line, and insert tags with cursor

hello, sorry if this has already been posted but i couldn't find anything with search.

oftentimes when I'm editing a draft, especially in mobile view, I want to write lengthy sotto-voce comments in the tags. This can be frustrating because it's easy to accidentally delete a tag. Furthermore, once a tag is deleted, it throws off the flow of a sentence written in the tags. Finally, any typos noticed after a tag is finished, including typos that automatically end a tag (such as commas), result in having to fully delete and redraft the tag (which breaks tag order as mentioned).

My idea will hopefully be fairly straightforward: to implement a feature to 1) edit tags in-line, and 2) allow new tags to be inserted in-between existing ones by clicking/tapping to place a cursor.

I have mocked up what this might look like:


The cursor does not necessarily obsolete the current behavior of adding tags at the end of the tag list, but it provides an alternative. 

An alternative to feature #2 is to allow tags to be reordered with drag and drop, but I imagine that is harder to implement and may lead to frustration with accidental drag/drop.


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yes please, however much i missed tumblr tag chatting i have NOT missed having to completely retype ten tag sentences bc i messed up the first one

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