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Quick share too easy to accidentally trigger on mobile

The "quick share" gesture is unfortunately very easy to trigger while scrolling; I've accidentally shared posts about twice now. I'd very much appreciate a flow that is slightly harder to trigger, perhaps sliding horizontally or popping up a modal dialog might work?

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Yeah I've accidentally shared things 4 or 5 times while scrolling. Very annoying! Also, this quick share functionality doesn't seem to work on screen readers or with a keyboard (as far as I can tell). The existence of the shortcut/swipe method also isn't immediately obvious. My recommendation is simply having two buttons - one for share, one for share with reply. That way scrolling can't trigger it, and someone using a screen reader/keyboard only has access to the feature.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one. Wrote up in a post before I figured out how to log in over here:
the staff post implies they cannot recreate the bug, so here is what i have noticed causes it it happens when scrolling through the timeline using one's right thumb. occasionally, the thumb will start the scroll gesture while directly on top of the Share button, and swiping up to continue scrolling activates the quick share.
i agree that a sideways swipe would be less likely to trigger on accident while casually scrolling, while still being just as easy to do on purpose. my other idea is double finger swipe, which would be slightly less convenient, but not terribly so.

I noticed in the past few days I'm having the opposite problem: I can't trigger it at all anymore (iOS Safari, 16.1).

Looks like I am hitting this issue as well. I use the thumb on my right hand to scroll a lot of the time, and that's right where the buttons are.
This keeps happening to me as well. I've accidentally triggered this several times and until I read this thread I wouldn't have known how to do it on purpose. Having triggered it, there's not much visual feedback so for all I know I've still got shared posts on my profiler I've never even read. What's worse, I don't know of a way to undo it except to open the side menu, navigate to my profile, scroll to there bottom of the shared post, and delete it from there. If the quick-share gesture only saves one scroll and a tap, I find it hard to believe it's saving more effort than it's causing, but a good fix would be at least a toast that appears to tell you you've done it and offers you an undo button.
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