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Allow sharing the original post from a private page's shares

Allow sharing using the original author of a share as the source if you share it from a private page. An alternative is to make the share source whoever the private page shared from but if it's not the original post's author that might be too much information.

On private pages, the private page's posts are unable to be shared—which is good! The button doesn't show up there at all. However, this includes the private page's shares (or shared posts) which come from a non-private page. This makes some sense because who you shared something from is visible when you share it, crediting them as the source. You don't want people to see you shared something from a private page because they'll know the private page shared that! That's private!

So my suggestion is to do this instead. Currently, there's no easy way to share something you see shared on a private page without clicking the timestamp of that share and going to the original author's non-private post. The additional step is extra effort and it's not intuitive for new users to know you can click the timestamp to go the original post and then share from there.

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I'll be controversial here and say it's actually a bug. From a user's point of view, there is no reason you shouldn't be allowed to reshare a naked share just because the intermediate page is private.

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