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Clicking the user's name on their profile should take you to their page

(Included screenshot to make it clearer which part I'm referring to.) This is mostly a nitpick, but I'll often open a post by a user, end up wanting to check the user's page out, reflexively click on their name in their profile, and then go "ah right, that's Tumblr." That being said, I don't see any reason why the profile name (and/or handle) shouldn't be clickable.

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extremely this, also for when clicking on the profile avatar picture, too!  

it's not a Huge Priority Deal since there's always a way to get to a user's Page from their posts, but it's definitely a convenience i really miss, lmao

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Yeah, I expect subconsciously that if I click on the user's name or icon, it should take me to their page.

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just a quick update:
- clicking on username does take you do that user's page
- clicking on user's avatar doesn't take you to that user's page...yet (def should!)

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