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Little dropdown menu on heading

N.B. this is a nice to have more than anything else - I appreciate the dev queue is likely massive atm!

I often find myself having to go to the main home feed if I want to get to drafts, notifications etc. when I'm not using a browser/device where I've got them on the bookmark bar - which is fine, if it's just a hit home to scroll up to the top of a feed, but when I'm on someone's post, or page (my own included), it'd be really nice if there were a little maybe burger/arrow/click down thing you could use to drop down and access some of those options as a shortcut.  

It doesn't even have to be all of them, but profile/drafts/notifications (maybe search? the ones with static pages) would be useful/timesaving. 

Thanks <3 

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it looks like there is a dropdown menu up until a certain width (1024px?) but then the page gets wide enough to have a left sidebar and the menu icon stops displaying

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