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Apply a customisable set of tags by default when posting from a page

 So this is something I thought could be useful if you decide to set up a specific page to post on a specific topic. If I had a page set up for, say, game dev programming, I could set up a list of tags that would be applied by default to any post I made from that page (eg. #gamedev). This would make them easily searchable, and would mean that I wouldn't have to try and remember whether I'd chosen "#gamedev" or "#game_dev" or "#game dev" each time I posted.

It would make sense to me for these tags to just be placed automatically into the normal tag box, so that I could remove them, or add others, on a per-post basis as I saw fit.

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 +1. my main page is dedicated to all sorts of stuff, including my artwork. being able to tag my projects consistently is really important to me, especially since I expect cohost to have a feature to let you browse tags per specific pages at some point. (infact, this is already technically possible... but that's a secret untested feature apparently lmao)

this would be really useful. no more having to keep a lil text file somewhere to remind myself what tags to use for what type of post. :)

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