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Opt-in to view mandatory CW-tagged posts in other tags

I don't know if it's been suggested before, but if there was any way to make it so an individual user could opt-in to see any posts tagged with a mandatory CW (noncon, etc) in other tags, I'd think that'd be useful.

I joined here in part to share NSFW fandom content and find others making the same kind of content. But most of the content I'd like to find or post would require mandatory CWs that would make them completely unfindable by other fans of the pairings and canons; you'd have to accidentally stumble across it looking in the general #noncon tag, instead of just searching in the tags for fandoms/ships. And there's 0 way to search for multiple tags at once; you'd literally just have to scroll the mandatory CW tag and hope there's anything you're looking for buried in it. 

I get why these tags are defaulted to not appear unless you specifically search them. But I think giving users more personal control to opt-in to seeing them in general would help a lot with finding other users and posts we're interested in, for those of us who want to see it in general.

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