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Multiple Usericons, Chosen Per Post

On one level, this might start as a core feature: users should be able to upload multiple user icons, and when posting, select which user icon is associated with that post.

The Cohost Plus feature would be a larger number of allowed user icons. 

This is just a for-fun feature that harkens back to LiveJournal, which had similar functionality.

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Hello! I came here to suggest exactly this. This would be one of the biggest selling points any social media subscription could have for me.

This was my favourite single feature of posting on LiveJournal (and Dreamwidth/InsaneJournal/other LJ forks), and it was a lively and expressive aspect of the site, one that could be really in line with cohost's ethos. People had a lot of fun with them, using them to express all sorts of moods/tones*, coordinate with their friends, match the forums/topics of their post, or just switch it up a bunch. The feature being baked into all LJ accounts (along with HTML/CSS-based layout customisation) is a huge part of why graphic design flourished on there, too.

I think some people might have concerns about recognisability and how to identify people quickly on their feeds, but I think it's a solvableish thing in the interface with a setting (whether it's to provide a thumbnail of the 'default' avatar, make the username more visible, or disable non-default avatars?).

*Posts actually had metadata for mood, which often had customisable images associated with it (e.g. Current Mood: nostalgic

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