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"read more" markdown doesn't seem to do that?

I'm trying to make a post about a podcast and hide spoilers behind a "read more", which I see other users doing all the time. According to the markdown cheatsheet, I should be able to do that with:  


 However, in practice, using that markdown seems to bold everything above that line (possibly make it into a heading?) and not create a read more. For me, it looks like this:


 (This is a preview, but I made a test post to make sure it wasn't just a quirk of the preview view). 

I wanted to post here rather than make a bug report right away because, since I see users doing this routinely, I assume I'm just doing something wrong. Is the markdown cheatsheet wrong, or am I possibly misreading it? What's the correct way to insert a Read More?

You'll need a blank line on either side of the ---, to avoid the markdown interpreter regarding that as a command to create a level 2 heading. Not sure if those blank lines have to have a pair of spaces in them or not.  

Of note: adding repeating hyphens or equals signs under a line is the *alternate* syntax for heading creation. The primary syntax is by prepending a line with a specified number of #s. Disabling the alt syntax might make it easier to get the Read More to work, or it might not.   

No idea if it's possible to disable this in the markdown interpreter without breaking existing posts; this might require a new Age of Posting. Also no idea if this is desirable.

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Thank you so much! That was exactly the issue.

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