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See notification counts for all pages

I have.... a number of different pages, and having to load each one manually to see if I have any notifications for them can be more time-consuming than I'd like.

Perhaps it could look something like this? Obviously the exact formatting would need to be changed. I have no idea if trying to keep exact score of notifications like this would be a nightmare technically - even a non-specific asterisk would still be good


Thank you for all your hard work thus far!

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 Gonna +1 this because this is a sensible UX improvement, for sure.

I'm not gonna speculate too hard on how Cohost operates between the front and back ends, but it seems like there's already some AJAX going on what with how it subtly updates the "Notifications" link in the sidebar to include the exact number that you're referring to. I'd wager that it'd take a bit more of that attached to that drop-down element to fetch the notifications counts for all of the pages that you own and update the content of the drop-down accordingly.

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I agree. There's some side-pages I might not check much so it's good to know if someone is talking to me on there. Especially good if you have a business-ish account

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