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let me pick the url slug for a page

because 12345-div-span isn't always the best url

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if you'd like to do this manually an HTML comment at the very start of the post

<!--like so-->


will be invisible in the post itself but show up in the slug

i did not figure this out on my own, my apologies that i didn't save the post where i saw it

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oh that's very useful to know! thank you! I tried it out and it looks like there's a 15-character limit on what will get pulled into the slug.

I've started using cohost for long-form blogging, and I would really like a way to control the URL slug. I noticed that it gets set automatically once from the original headline when saving a draft, and it can't be changed later. I just tried creating a new draft with "Add Trusted Root CA certificate on Ubuntu" as the headline and <!--ubuntu-root-ca--> as the body, expecting "ubuntu-root-ca" to be used in the URL slug, but instead I got "442009-add-trusted-root-ca".

If URL slugs could be longer, and editable, then cohost becomes a really nice long-format blogging platform I could see using a lot more in the future. I've already blogged twice here, and never had a personal blog.

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