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let me pick the url slug for a page

because 12345-div-span isn't always the best url

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if you'd like to do this manually an HTML comment at the very start of the post

<!--like so-->


will be invisible in the post itself but show up in the slug

i did not figure this out on my own, my apologies that i didn't save the post where i saw it

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oh that's very useful to know! thank you! I tried it out and it looks like there's a 15-character limit on what will get pulled into the slug.

I've started using cohost for long-form blogging, and I would really like a way to control the URL slug. I noticed that it gets set automatically once from the original headline when saving a draft, and it can't be changed later. I just tried creating a new draft with "Add Trusted Root CA certificate on Ubuntu" as the headline and <!--ubuntu-root-ca--> as the body, expecting "ubuntu-root-ca" to be used in the URL slug, but instead I got "442009-add-trusted-root-ca".

If URL slugs could be longer, and editable, then cohost becomes a really nice long-format blogging platform I could see using a lot more in the future. I've already blogged twice here, and never had a personal blog.

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I have an observation and a suggestion.


If you're primarily concerned about your ability to link a post with a good looking slug, good news: the slug is completely irrelevant! I can link to, or I can link to, or i can link to, and all of them pull up the same post.

This doesn't mean that it wouldn't be better to have control over the slugs that are automatically generated, but I did want to point out that there is a workaround.


One minor complaint is that you can't link a post with no slug at all. I would like to be able to just send to someone, but that doesn't work - and I imagine this is simply because Cohost's URL routing uses a regex that assumes there will always be some kind of slug.

I imagine it would be pretty low-effort to make the slug optional, and this would further mitigate the issue because you wouldn't need to come up with a new slug, you could just quickly delete everything after the number and have an opaque, but undistracting URL.

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