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Drafts page should have its post limit removed

The page for viewing your drafts has a limit to how many of your drafts can be seen (20 drafts), and there is currently no way to view more than the 20 most recent drafts.  At the very least, there should be arrows at the bottom of the page that lest you flip back and forth between pages of drafts, similar to the feed and user pages.  There will be people (like me, right now) who accumulate plenty of drafts and perhaps want to see very old ones.

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I agree if only because it's kinda scary to realize for the first time there's only 20 visible posts at a time. Did you lose all your previous drafts? Were they auto deleted? Did you spend all that time writing and posting? Honestly no, but you won't find that out until you post a few drafts lol.

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This particularly becomes an issue if you're using drafts as image hosts, so you amass a bunch of static ones that may be in the way of longer-term drafts

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I know this is kinda a dick move but, shh, just use tumblr as a image host. Afaik that site doesn't care and you don't have the hassle of rummaging through cohost drafts.

Though I think if you delete a draft, the images on that draft do not get deleted. I'm pretty sure you can just delete as you go. Don't quote me on that though, haha

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At the very least, maybe there could be a warning on the drafts page stating that only 20 can be displayed (until this can be improved, of course).  I just had the crap scared out of me thinking that I lost a bunch of work. :^)

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