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Show tagged reshares under tag searches *if* they are the user's own posts

Referencing this post on cohost. This idea appears to have been acknowledged in the patch notes shortly after, but I'll create a topic here with specifics in order to promote further discussion.

A recent change to cohost prevents tagged shares of a post to show up under any tag pages, this was done to "reduce the risk of harassment from someone sharing a post, adding tags, and thereby causing it to appear in tag searches that the OP didn’t want it to appear in."

I agree with the reasoning behind this change, but it doesn't make much sense if OP is the one adding new tags. For example:

  • I made a quick intro post a few months back under the #Welcome to Cohost tag. Then some time later, as an influx of new users were coming in, I reshared that post with some extra information and different tags for new users to find me through (I wanted to target a smaller subset of users this time around, and even omitted the #Welcome to Cohost tag from the reshared version to help me accomplish that).
  • When the #The Cohost Global Feed tag was introduced, a few people had old posts (from before the tag's creation) that they wanted to share under that tag, but weren't able to because the reshare would have been hidden.

With the above use cases (and ideas from other request topics) in mind, the original poster should be allowed to reshare their old posts to new tags and have them be discoverable in the tag search pages, under the following criteria:

  1. It is not a transparent share (a share with no additions made to it). Some people have expressed concerns that allowing reshares to show up under tag searches could result in spammy behavior where someone is constantly boosting their own posts, having the requirement that they make additions could possibly mitigate that issue.
  2. They created all the posts inside the "thread" being reshared, so as to avoid a situation where OP makes a post, gets replies from someone else (or multiple people), and then decides to reshare the post again under new tags without the consent of those people who replied to their original post.

Relevant Topics for Reference:

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