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Allow users to set settings per page

Currently users can only set the toggles for settings (like content filters and display settings) on a per-account basis. This is particularly annoying when it comes to the setting that hides 18+ content behind a clickthrough, because regardless of whether I'm using the site with my SFW or NSFW page, I will always have to click to see 18+ posts (unless I want to risk having 18+ content show up while I'm browsing in a place where someone might look over my shoulder). Which sucks, because if I'm using Cohost with my NSFW page, I'm probably trying to specifically look at 18+ content.

I don't know if there's some technical limitation that forces these toggles to always be the same for the whole account, but considering that switching between pages within an account acts almost like being logged into a different account would on other sites (I'm reminded of how it works on Twitter, and with various third-party Reddit tools like Reddit Enhancement Suite on PC and Reddit is Fun on Android, though I imagine on the backend it's closer to having sideblogs on Tumblr), my instinct is to assume that it's at least possible, but maybe not necessarily easy to implement?

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I came here to post just the same thing! I'd love to have my main page hide NSFW posts by default, but for my secondary page to show them by default.

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I was about to make this post myself, but I was led here! I think this needs more attention, and it would be a great feature for people like me who enjoy using Cohost in public.

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Hope this gets more attention

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