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Mark page as adult content

 Hello! Support says here that "If you often post adult content from a particular page, you may choose to set it as an adult content page and automatically have new posts marked as adult."

I would like to do that. I can't figure out how. I've checked my "settings" and "edit profile" pages. I'm activated as of a few hours ago. Am I missing something obvious? Did Cohost forget to add that feature?

Thank you to anyone who can help!

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I don't know where that option is either. I meant for my original, main profile to be adult but I do not have the option to change it. When creating a new profile, however, I was able to mark it as adult.

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yeah, for now it seems like this is only possible to set when creating a new page.


funny enough, it also gives you the option to set the page as private, and that option is available in the profile edit menu. weird how the "adult page" option is missing...

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This is available (at least now, not sure when it was implemented) by clicking the Gear button your Profile page (rather than in settings). Or you can use this link:


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