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Allow the author of a post to decide if tags in shares will work

A quick fix was applied yesterday that prevents all shares site-wide from appearing in tag searches, due to posts made by OPs showing up in tags they didn't want it to show up in

This prevents threads from appearing in tag searches, even if the OP is okay with it (or even if the OP shares their own post and wants that share to also show up under a tag)

A solution that might accommodate all users is Giving the OP of a post a checkbox that denies shares of the post to have working tags

People sharing posts that have this checkbox checked would see their tag field disabled with a message explaining why ("The post you're sharing has share-tags disabled" or something to that effect)

Shares of a post could check the box so it applies to their share, but shares cannot uncheck the box if a parent post has it checked

The OP might also bypass the setting (or be given the option to override it) if they're only sharing their own post(s)

I decided to hack together a little mockup/sketch of how the option could be shown to the user, though obviously the actual design will be left up to the developers. Feel free to base the design off of my sketch if desired, though!


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I think it's a good thing that shares do not appear in tag searches, because I don't want to see the same post over and over if everyone's sharing it, regardless of whether the OP wants that. I could see the argument that shares which add new content should appear in tags, but ultimately I think it's fine and possibly the best experience if only top-level posts appear in tag searches. 

Additionally, I would find it very frustrating if I was allowed to share a post, but not tag it on my own page for organizational purposes. 

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@jgs  Oh, that's actually pretty fair! The change was a bit jarring though, since I normally expect tags to be searchable in general, no matter the context they're in..

Plus I kinda like funny threads showing up in tag searches, otherwise threads become unsearchable, which feels like a weird blind-spot in the site's search feature- but I'd understand if @staff decides against my feature request

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I like being able to freely tag shared posts - both for organizational purposes and for just adding little notes without necessarily shoving them onto the post itself, so this would be an annoying feature lol

I'm so sorry-- I forgot to specify that the devs could leave the tags enabled even if their Function is denied by the OP, still allowing for posts to be sorted! The text explanation would instead become a warning instead of a text error in-place of where the tags field used to be

In fact it's now my recommendation that the tags field doesn't get disabled in any case, just that whether or not tags will be Searchable should be clear to the person sharing a post

I no longer stand by this feature request. If any member of staff sees any value in this request, feel free. Otherwise, I anticipate the closure of this thread.

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