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Buddy List(s) for filtering timeline and notifications

The site moves much faster than it did before. My notifications are unusable, as I have one popular post; anyone commenting on or sharing my work is impossible to find among hundreds of likes and dozens of people following me.

I would love to be able to add the people on here I actually know to lists, and be able to see only posts/shares by them, or only notifications by them. This would go hand in hand with the notification coalescing and other notification filtering features people have already suggested.

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Ooo, this could be a gateway to something like the old LiveJournal 'Friend Groups' feature (also called 'Circles' on Google+) whereby you can make posts which only selected subsets of your followers can see, which were great for talking abt niche topics you don't want to bother anyone else with, but also don't want to create a whole separate account for discussing.

Being able to organize users into private lists will help me keep track of different communities much more easily. Tags alone do not help with this desire, because not everyone in every distinct community I follow uses the same tags for their work consistently. A feature to build multiple buddy lists would be a lot more useful to me when it comes to following people I already know.

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This would be lovely. On Twitter I had a feed called "Buddies :)" which was a list of users I was actually friends with and was less than a tenth the size of my normal following list. It was nice for catching up on stuff my friends said without getting the firehose of content.

That said, I'm opposed to allowing arbitrary per-post privacy to elaborate subsets of users like there is on Facebook. If you want only a subset of your followers to see certain posts, I think you should just make a locked alt and invite them to follow it. That way, people know what level of your personal inner circle they are in. I want to avoid stuff like on Facebook how people would make posts invisible to just a few users and then shit-talk those users who, as far as they knew, were "friends" with this person and didn't even know they were being posted about.

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