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Custom CSS applied to your profile picture or display name

While bearing in mind this would probably annoy people and/or become an accessibility nightmare if it can't be turned off with some setting, I think being able to customise the style= attribute on your display name and profile pic could be fun to play with (rainbow display names! italicised display names! font quirks! 3D? rotation? retro-computing effects?), without being an "essential" feature.

It makes it obvious to others that you have cohost Plus! though, which might be good (encourages people to subscribe?) but might also be bad (status symbols...)

In a similar vein, someone suggested being able to have GLSL shaders for your banner image: As a GLSL enthusiast, I'd definitely want to subscribe to make use of that, but I am actually already subscribed :p (As a side-note, if you do implement that, please let the shader optionally exist addition to a background image,  so that the image can be a texture input to the shader. It provides a fallback option if the shader can't run, and also makes it easier and more efficient to do certain image-based shader effects.)

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