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Option to order feed by oldest unread post first

This may seem a bit goofy to others, but I think the nature of Cohost — i.e. longer, blog-style posts — lends itself to being read far more like a book or newspaper. So it would be nice to have an option to reverse the feed direction, putting the oldest post you haven’t read at the top, and scrolling down to newer posts until you’re caught up.

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a reverse order option, even if just a parameter in the url would be wonderful for making comic archives

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I'd love this; it'd make catching up a lot easier. imagine checking a website for the day and knowing you won't miss anything if you log off and come back tomorrow

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yeah, the feed already has a rad feature i rarely see online, where once you go past the front page of the Feed, it remembers which post was the most recent one At The Time, so when you click to another page further back or refresh the current page you're at, posts that have appeared since then dont suddenly bump other posts off the page or whatever, making for a less confusing experience. being able to apply that kinda 'remember where you're at' feature to a reverse feed order would make it a lot cozier to browse and catch up at your own pace.

and honestly, sometimes there's like, a nice Flow in folks building onto eachother's posts, whether informatively or for shitposting, and just, browsing through the feed and seeing the 'end result' first with a ton of repost additions, and then having to scroll through all of the prior additions being removed one by one, kinda doesnt feel/flow as good (and that order of reading makes multiple reposts in a row get kinda annoying too, even with the automatic hiding of the 'middle' posts, but that's probably for another feature request to deal with more specifically, lol)

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