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Add ability to permanently hide a post from your timeline

If I see a post that I don't want to see again, it would be nice to have the ability to permanently hide that post from my feed through the hamburger menu, which currently only allows you to report a post. 

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The things I once wanted to give to Twitter for a "Mute This Conversation" button that actually worked for other people's specific posts and threads/conversations. This would be valuable.

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 (Apologies for double-posting, but there's no way to edit comments, I guess!)

Just learned that the ability to hide a post seems to already be present for anything marked as 18+. Make that available for everything!

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I think this would be especially valuable. Sometimes a post will get popular and you will see the same post multiple times all over your timeline. That's especially not fun if the post's subject makes you feel kind of upset (in a way that doesn't warrant making it someone else's problem).

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Bumping this because I was going to make a thread making the exact same request and this already existed. Generally, if I want to hide something, I don't want to apply the bludgeon of hiding the entire person, which is, unfortunately, currently the only option if I need a post hidden. 

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sometimes, on twitter/tumblr, i don't mute things i should because there's no "mute *this specific post and its repercussions* for four weeks, please" option

and then ironically i just avoid the site entirely because the bad thing may possibly be present and there's no way to state my preferred exposure levels, so better safe than sorry rules

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