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Bookmarks / Saved posts

I know having a list of your "likes" was already requested, but I feel like having bookmarks separate from that might be a good idea.

Before I discovered the bookmark button on twitter I actively refrained from liking people's posts because my "likes" were my way of being able to find certain posts a little more easily. And it made me feel a little bad about not being able to show appreciation for a post that I really liked otherwise it would bury the stuff I didn't want to have a hard time finding again.

Sure, on tumblr I'd reblog stuff and go by tags on my own profile to find it again, but sometimes it's not a post we'd like to actively have/share on our profile, even if it's personally interesting to us.

And if you're someone with object permanence issues, it might be a post you never remember to try find again.

My account is still waiting for activation, and I'm coming across some cool posts with tips for when I do have the ability to post, but with the queue being over 30k right now, those posts might be long buried by the time I'm able to, so a way to bookmark them in-site was the first button I searched for.

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boosting! i guess it's not a popular request but i would love on-site bookmarks. 

There's a need for bookmarks that aren't likes and that don't notify the post owner

Bookmark folders (like saved posts collections on instagram) would be even more killer!

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OH! One more thing that I just thought of. It would be most amazing if there were bookmark folders AND bookmarks were for the entire account and not just one page! It wouldn't notify the OP so there's no need for specific identity attached to act of bookmarking. And if there would be folders there would be no need to likeā€¦ split different kinds of posts we want to bookmark between pages. And if I decided I want to keep all my folders tied to one profile it would be very annoying to have to switch back to it every time I want to save a post

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following on to what cygaj said, rather than folders, maybe just tags*. although i think the idea of organizable onsite bookmarks is kind of way-down-the-road want-to-have UX dreaming, having the same function for media first would be 10x more useful

(*one existing method to approximate this functionality except worse would be to have a private page that rechosts the things you want to bookmark and tags them appropriately, although i'm not sure if those tags are searchable this way)

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Agreeing with all of the above -- I personally would love the ability to curate lists. Even if they weren't sharable (although that would be amazing, to have control over whether a list was private or public), just to have a place to curate what I think of as "important posts" would be fantastic.

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Ohh, folders would be amazing and definitely help with the switching profile thing.
I have two youtube profiles for separating personal and professional/art stuff but in the end things started getting mixed up and I simply made a huge mess out of my playlists without knowing where I had saved something, and it ends up being annoying to keep switching profiles back and forth as I navigate.

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Honestly, tagging, rather than folders, seems like a good idea too, IF (!) there would be like a mechanism for keeping track of what tags you are using, sorta something like akin to the tag palette feature request. Sorta like folders but subtly different headspace. Like multiple tags being associated with a post rather than the post being associated with multiple folders. Easier to throw more tags or remove them on a post level rather than duplicate the association of the post between "folders". It also brings me to the issue of mass tag edition that I'm definitely gonna make a forum thread later if no one else does until I have time to sit down and just make a bunch of feature suggestions on this forum

Mechanically similar exactly to making a private side blog to save posts onto but with the distinction of not having a separate identity associated with act of saving posts, not actually being an "active project" for the system to worry about, not taking up a name, etc. BUT while making this post I tested and it turns out that sharing post to a private blog doesn't notify the post owner, which I think is the biggest deal! Am I correct, have a tested that effectively? Because if so that is a plenty good compromise until we get real bookmarks I think and making this issue not a priority, if the shares really are completely private

(tag filtering on blogs isn't of course on yet but it will be coming)

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Obviously, bookmarking system would be way better than reblogging stuff onto a private blog, but the function can be achieved with a workaround (even if it's tad clumsy and not streamlined or as satisfying as clicking a save button on other platforms) so I can see how this is not in the works for right now

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Seconding this for the same reasons as OP. I'm currently awaiting posting approval, and there are a lot of posts with helpful tips I want to save. It's definitely useful as a feature separate from the new liked posts feed (thank you!), as using liked posts in this manner can discourage people from liking posts normally.

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currently i use drafts to do something like this - i click share on a post, then on the compose page i save the share as a draft. i wonder if other people are doing this. i also tag these to differentiate them from my other drafts. i'm about to put a request for tag filtering in one's own drafts, which would basically turn drafts into a functional bookmark system for my purposes, as well as having other utility

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currently my likes are extremely bare-bones because I use them as bookmarks, and it makes me sad that I can't like chosts that I enjoy because my likes would instantly get clogged. bookmarks with tags (maybe called "saved posts"?) would be a great solution

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