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Better dark mode

The current dark mode doesn't extend to actual posts which still maintain a white background. As a user with eye conditions that make them light sensitive, this can worsen light-induced pain and even be the cause. This causes problems especially on mobile where posts take up the entire screen as you scroll.

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This really should be implemented, and as a priority.

This simple but vital accessibility feature was suggested a year ago and was flagged as "planned," but no mention on actually implementing it has been made by staff since. Is there any movement on this? When can we expect this to be implemented on the site? Why has ASSC neglected to implement this?

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Post feed is still bright white for me- is there any progress or any plans on this?

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hey i like being able to bear using this website as i like this website, this would still help me out a lot
this would still help me out a lot

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Any dark mode would be welcome. It's a pretty basic expectation from most social media and cohost is particularly bright by default.

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Sweet! No need to reply to this thread anymore asking for it in that case

This actually exists already and I voted in it.

In fact I'll just make the feature request for a toggle option for light/dark mode myself and then you can vote for it

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@Catonium you should make a post of your own and ask for toggleable light/dark modes. I'm sure you'd get a lot of people also voting for it. This isn't the post to ask for it as this post is about asking for an improved dark mode which has been marked as planned by the Cohost team so they're unlikely to see your request.

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Why are you acting like I said it shouldn't be done at all? I only ask for it being optional

@Catonium You've made your point. Please stop spamming this topic like you're trying to personally fight all the disabled people who need this.
i use the website from mobile mostly and can't custom theme it. an actual dark mode would help me a lot, using cohost when i have a migraine is bad.

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Just make it all optional please.

I get eye pain from white text on black background.

Even as I've grown used to the current mode, and I don't quite have the issues everyone else does

*even in the current dark mode, the white background of posts burns into my laptop's screen if i leave the tab open for any amount of time*

so just throw that onto the pile of reasons we need *actual dark mode* 

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