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Mute tags

This is a feature that I assumed existed, but as far as I can tell doesn't. If it does, consider this a request to make it way more visible. 

Please let users mute certain tags! Content warning filters are one (very good) thing, but users should be able to mute tags for things that other users will probably not think to hide under a CW. This could be triggers (most people will probably not hide their food-related posts under CW: food, but they might tag them #food), or just for posts about something you don't care about, like a popular TV show. 

I'm not quite sure how this would interact with shares of posts. Maybe if the OP is tagged with something you have muted, all its shares are also hidden? (Possibly this stops being an issue if the recent change to hide shares from tag pages leads to people tagging their shares.) I'm not sure how Tumblr handles this, but that would probably be a good place to start. 

Ideally, users would have the option to completely hide posts with muted tags, or put them behind a CW that can be opened at their discretion. 

It would also be very nice to have full-text muting, where any post whose text contains the muted phrase would be likewise hidden, but I would consider this lower priority than tag muting, which I was shocked to see wasn't available. 

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This is probably my biggest outstanding feature-ask for the site.

There are certain tags that I search for that overlap with things I never want to see - to stick with the example, I search for #recipes fairly often, but I never want to see anything with #cheese for dietary reasons. Adding a per-tag mute/hide/collapse would make the tag-searching feature much more usable.

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This is also something I assumed would be covered by the CW settings.

My usecase is the #pets tag. My phobias are usually listed in the tags, but the poster usually doesn't think to CW them. Being able to treat certain tags as CW would be very useful.

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Yes! It's so odd it's not there already. Checking the art tag and seeing AI stuff is annoying.

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one of the most important features for a social site in my opinion, being able to curate your feed beyond just the content warnings (which are already used very subjectively), and filter out posts that contain certain tags, or even words/phrases in the posts themselves, would make me a lot more comfortable with exploring the site for new folks to follow or tags to bookmark

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 I'd really like to be able to do this, and I'm somewhat surprised it's not currently available. I've had issues with food posts showing up on my feed, as they aren't tagged as a content warning. I have an eating disorder, so these are somewhat difficult!

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This is now live and accessible in your settings page!

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