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Ability to silence/block(?) a user from their posts without visiting their profile

Very rarely I see one or more posts from a user that make me wish not to see any more, which I suppose is why the Silence function exists. At the moment, the only way to silence a user's posts is to go to their profile and use the menu from there, so I need to first see more of the posts in order to avoid them. It would be convenient to be able to use Silence (and Block, maybe, though I haven't encountered a need for this myself yet) from the same meatball menu that currently only has "Report this post" in it. This also might help with providing a reminder that these features exist as possible alternatives to reporting.

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Boosting this feature request after just encountering this issue in the wild. If another user is posting content one finds upsetting, one should not have to go to their profile and see more of that content in order to block or silence them. 

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Also thirding this for reasons above. a universal blocklist for the main account would be nice.

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