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Mark a post as "read" or "seen", then re-shares would be hidden for a time unless additions are present

Currently i see posts which are then immediately followed by shares of the same post. It would be nice to be able to flag that you don't need to see something again for at least [some time] unless someone's added something new to it.

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OH, and a "Never show me this post again ever, please" option, which i found essential on Tumblr and wished for on Twitter.

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please add this, I just saw like four shares of the same post crop up on my tl in a row

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I would really like it if this were the default, not something I had to mark manually. SO often my timeline is "a long thread with N posts", "the same thread with N - 1 posts", "a transparent share of the same thread with N - 1 posts", and so on. This is probably the biggest pressure that makes me want to follow *fewer* people, which is something I'd rather avoid doing in general!

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If a post has repeated reshares by the same user with additial details, it could display the latest (complete) version with an option in the menu or at the bottom of the post to view the previous posts in the sequence. Additionally, it might be good to have a post display with 'User X, User Y, User Z ALL reshared this post by User A' instead of showing the post in my feed 3 times from each different user

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Yes please!! Scrolling past six copies of an increasingly long thing I don't care about is getting old!!

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This is, by far, the number one thing that makes me not actively use cohost. Every time I think about coming back to give it a try on the first page of my timeline is the exact same post reblogged 5 times with no additions, or two people reblogging a post back and forth and adding one sentence with the increasingly long original post being shown in its entirety each time. As I follow more and more people who are interested in the same topics this problem will only keep getting worse, so I just don't bother. Desperately need a way to only show the original post once and from then on only show additions, or show the entire thing with all additions as one post somehow.

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Agree 100 %

I'd like to specifically mention "Never show me this post again ever, please": being an artist and crafter, I love to post frequent live updates about my progress—just posting a pic of what I'm doing from my phone with a few words.

I find myself making fewer of those posts on Cohost, they are more spammy than they'd be on Twitter. People being able to mute all subsequent replies to an individual thread of mine would be welcome.

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Another use case for "never show me this post again" - there are some CSS crimeposts that, while glorious and artisanal, absolutely blow up my phone whenever I scroll past them. I don't think it's realistic to expect people to account for every make and model of phone power when crimeposting, so I'd rather have the option to manage it on my end.

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Oh this is very close to what I just asked for.  Too bad it didn't come up in my search. +1

+1 to this, specifically nex3's suggestion 

Liked, upvoted - I would also like this feature, especially if they were to include additions like nex3 & Hackworth have commented.


possibly my most desired feature right now (together with a "hide shares" toggle in the home feed, by the way)

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This is an accessibility issue, at this point. A recent meme's popularity, combined with the fact that people share long untagged threads of the meme that show up repeatedly on the timeline and take up enormous amounts of space/time to scroll past, has caused a friend of mine to leave the site because it's become impossible for them to use.

Automatic deduplication/post hiding would be the ideal to fix this, I think. Folks expect that sort of thing on a site like this; it could be a setting for people who for some reason don't want it.

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