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:readmore: markdown command

i've learned that on other less bird-like sites, you use :readmore: to insert a break

now, i do appreciate cohost's "put a read more break in when the page is too big, or you insert a 'thematic break' that's separated by blank lines before and after"

but i do think that ":readmore:" should work too. before you ask, it isn't a new markdown syntax, it's actually technically part of github flavoured markdown

it's an emoji placeholder

now, you might be asking: why have this when we have the subtle linebreak rules for horizontal rules?


you can put a read more link halfway through a paragraph, which is honestly kinda neat

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The markdown reference page says "---" is a readmore, but I tried it and it Did Not Do That.

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I came on the forum to maybe make a thread asking for making it possible to insert a "read more" at the top of the post, which I can't seem to be able to do right now. Would this also solve that specific issue?



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