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Allow right click and/or new tab opening for notification click through, please

Something I noticed recently that I'd absolutely love is notifications being either able to be opened in new tabs, or being able to right click and open in new tabs as alternative to click-through on default. For example, if I've got the following:

@eggbug replied to your comment [o rly]

[ya rly]

@eggbug2 commented on your post [engagement]


I'd like to be able to open tabs for them both and then go to them directly one by one, rather than having to open multiple notification tabs first and/or hitting back once I've responded/read updates etc.

Would the simplest way be including the comment timestamp in the notifications so we could use that to navigate? Ultimately, whatever works with how it's all coded and what other ways you're looking at the whole section.

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as a chronic middle clicker i NEED to be able to middle click my notifications so i can clog up my tab bar

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