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Indicate shares on posts

Since comments aren't shown in timelines (the "hide replies" option is kinda badly misnamed imo — it refers to posts attached to shares) it often feels preferable to share and add your comment that way. But then on the OP's timeline, there's no indication that a discussion is happening at all! I was finding myself tempted to leave a comment like "I replied here" with a link to me share post, which is incredibly stupid.

So it would be really nice to just be able to have a count that links to a page of shares-with-comments ("replies") on a post, next to the comments link.

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While I appreciate Cohost's philosophical stance against putting numbers on posts, the ability to see what people are saying about a post is something I really appreciate about Tumblr (and, to a lesser extent, the QT list on Twitter). I think a Tumblr-style expandable window that shows replies and tags on shares would be nice even without any numbers attached. 

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There's an interesting point to this where as there are more shares you can see something like
"0 comments + 12 on shared posts"  and clicking through you see comments at each level broken out into: 

  1. [comment on @originalposter's post]
  2. [comments on @eggbug's post (first share)]
  3. [comments on @eggbug2's post (2nd share)]
But if you've a tab open on one of the earlier posts, you don't have an indication of later additions. Obviously this could get complicated with branching shares, but it could be interesting if there were a way to see later share branch comments - as then you'd likely be able to use those to navigate to the shared+additional posts themselves.

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Bumping this because I've seen a couple other people on the website independently complaining about it, and because I have once again had the unpleasant experience of seeing a different share thread than the one I participated in get a bunch of attention, with no way for any of those people to find out about the other one.

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Tbh I would like this because most of my followed blogs on tumblr were found through looking at notes. Not necessarily comment reblogs, just notes and neat urls that caught my eye.

I don't really use the tag index these days to find new blogs. Because of all the new users doing 'tag dumps' and promptly never posting about those topics again. Leading to vast amounts of posts tagged with X, but no actual X content. Rip, I guess.

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I'll bump this, and add that a list of direct shares to a post would be cool, even if it only shows shares with content, kind of how viewing quote retweets works on Twitter.

I understand (and support!) the aversion to numbers, but I think not showing shares hurts in discovering posts. Honestly a number doesn't even need to be attached, I just wanna see what other people are saying.

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I would really like this, and yeah you don't have to have a # attached, just "show other reblogs" or whatever.

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 This kind of thing is one of the best tumblr-esque features in my opinion—being able to get a peek at All of the conversations that a post has sparked feels only natural. (On tumblr, this also includes tags on reshares, which... maybe controversial, but I feel like that's worth looking into including somehow.) You definitely don't need to attach any numbers to it, but I'd also love to be able to see all past shares with discussion on a post.

At the moment, I feel like there's a lot of disjointedness on this site... it's very hard to find people or interesting discussions since discoverability is limited to a very particular tagging system. I think that cribbing this feature from Tumblr in at least some form would be a good way of remedying that and making the site feel more cohesive.

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yeah, this is my number one complaint with cohost so far is not being able to see shares and tags like you can on tumblr. makes the experience feel very barren... i want to see what other people are saying on the post, not just comments! when youre from tumblr it makes more sense to share a post and leave a reply there or in the tags instead of a comment so being able to actually see those is crucial!

Seconding what everyone has said thus far. Also to add: if it was possible to see all the comments-via-shares, you could see the full context/conversation. If you only see the original post with NO way to see new commentary, OP might get bombarded by the same comment-via-share over and over again.  

I wonder if these replies couldn't be added below the post with a whole section to gather up every "[cohost user] shared your post and added: '[comment]'" in a chronological fashion? Distinct from the actual comments section, of course.

I know this request is from 2022, and there hasn't been any activity on this thread since nine months ago, but I really would love to see this implemented. It'd be a really helpful way of finding posts and users since the current tagging method just doesn't work for me (and quite a few others). Like how Tumblr displays reblogs in the notes of a post, I personally think this feature should really only display shares that add something to the original post. I think the biggest worry with a feature like this is having a number associated with this like comments have on them, but honestly, a non-numerical system like the notifications page has (one or several) or even just a "see shares" button with no additional text tacked onto it would be a neat and extremely useful addition to Cohost.

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