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private accounts send no follow notification

as far as i can tell from experimentation (bopping around the account switcher menu a lot) a locked account doesn't show up on the notification screen until you follow them, which means that you get no immediate indication when a locked account follows you first

i think i understand why this was done (protecting the privacy of the locked user) but i don't know if i like it

the drawbacks:
  • you can't make a private account visible except by linking/posting about it publicly, or DMing offsite - there's currently no way i can see to tap a specific person on the shoulder like "hey, wanna check out my locked blog?" within cohost
  • locked accounts can follow public accounts without them noticing or knowing about it, which makes me wary of the potential for stalkerish behavior
  • locked accounts do show up in your "followers" list, so it's not secret information if you have locked accounts following you... but if you wanted to prevent or monitor these follows you'd just have to manually check all the time, which i don't think cohost site design wants to encourage

to expand on my particular use case, i'm experimenting with a locked account because i'd prefer to manually approve follower requests, but i'd still like to expand my circle of interactions and, you know, use the webbed site, while maintaining enough privacy that i'm not blasting the existence of the private page to everyone. thank you!

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