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Easier "Never Show" and "Show Without Clickthrough" Content Warning controls

Problem: When someone comes across a post that has a content warning, if they decide that they want to put the listed CWs on their "show me posts with these content warnings without clicking through" or "never show me posts with these content warnings" lists, they have to...

  • Copy / remember the tags they want to add
  • Leave the post
  • Go to the settings menu
  • Input the tags
  • Save settings
  • Return to the post
This entire process is short enough to be usable every now and then, but given how varied the CWs on Cohost are, it grows to be very tedious when I want to show or hide a specific CW forever in the future.

Feature: My idea of how to solve the issue is to turn the boldened CW text into clickable context menus. Clicking "never show posts" would add the tag to the "never show me posts with these content warnings" list, and clicking "never censor posts" would add the tag to the "show me posts with these content warnings without clicking through" list.


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Brilliant idea!

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This is a great idea, and in addition to this, I would also like a setting that just automatically shows all CWd content without clicking through. There's not really anything I particularly don't want to see that's likely at all to be anywhere I'm looking, and if I'm scrolling through a tag to find something specific it's extremely annoying to click on every post.

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Agreed! Plus, I imagine having an option to automatically show all CW'd content without clickthrough would be a much quicker and easier feature to implement in the short term with a very large positive QoL impact.

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as a note here - I've seen people using the CW functionality as a spoiler-block, just so people can be not taken unawares.
I like the idea of whitelisting from posts though, particularly as it'll make things quicker to process what may be non-standard phrasing

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