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Custom CSS/HTML theme for each user page

I had a thought on what feature can help Cohost, and I thought custom themes for a user's page like Tumblr's would be interesting. However, the idea might end up having the site be a bit too similar to Tumblr instead of being its own thing. Maybe if it works as a Cohost Plus feature so that way there can be more financial support from users who want to try out coding themes?

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I don't know if user pages should be given full CSS customizability but one thing I would love is simply to be able to customize the colors for a given page.

Especially if customizing the colors for your page customized them for you sitewide, it could not only be used to add a bit of flair to your profile, but also to give you a blatantly obvious visual indicator of which of your pages you're currently using the site as.

I can very easily see this being a Plus feature.

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Yeah, that sounds about right.

 I'd love to fully customize my theme like a neocities page!

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