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RSS/atom input

Cohost, being a social media, provide mess friction in sharing content which is nice for discoverability. A personal blog have a few advantages like the possibility to have a gallery, interactive content, a cool and personal domain name. Putting content on both cohost and a blog sound like duplicates work. It would be nice to have a cohost page which content is directly pulled from a blog RSS or atom feed, without needing any API integration. In practice, it could be like a form where you put the URL of the feed and the title of the next article or Cohost give you a unique value that you put into the next article content/title. When that next article is published, cohost can establish you have control of the blog and you are not trying to steal someone content. Once the security dance is done, every time a new article show up on the flux, a corresponding message show up under the cohost page.

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Do you need to be able to receive notifications on the Cohost side?

I can add anyone's blog to my RSS reposting bot today, but the bot account will be the one to get comments and likes. I understand Cohost's 'Pages' feature will eventually allow multiple users to post to a page, and presumably all receive notifications from it, but am unsure how finished that is

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