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Dark Modes / Themes

As much as I dig the colors for the default theme, the light background strains my eyes after a while, especially when reading big blocks of text. Darkmode / darker themes available for all users would be a very welcome feature. 

I have seen some things mentioning that Cohost Plus lets you / will let you modify the site's theme more deeply to your liking, but preset Dark Modes for all users, as an eyestrain-reducing accessibility feature is the key point here!

I would like to specifically note two types of darkmode I've seen used often in regards to this request:

  1. "Dark Mode" that is a darker background, but not solid #000000 black; a very dark gray or blue works well for this style of darkmode
  2. "OLED Dark Mode" that is solid #000000 black meant for OLED screens - I know some folks prefer this mode over lighter dark modes 
(personally, OLED of darkmode strains my eyes just as much as lightmode, but I know some folks prefer it, so I wanted to include it)

I would argue for both types of darkmode to be included if possible, for folks who need or prefer one type over the other.


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Oh, the old "dark mode" was preserved, lovely <3

The new ("real") dark mode doesn't look bad either.

For now a kind of complicated to set up solution is in this post (Firefox nightly is the beta version of firefox mobile you can get it on the app store) Installation instructions are in the replies by twilight-sparkle

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Oh neat! That's pretty clever

Though, I'm in the same boat (my windows theme uses light style for apps so that's what cohost is seeing) and I would also prefer it to be a user setting. Since it's already an "auto" style setting, could just be "Light, Dark, Auto" or something!

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It looks like they have a dark mode tied to the system settings per

However, as someone who prefers light mode for the system as a whole but dark mode on individual websites, I'd also very much prefer it be an explicit user setting.

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