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Send a notification when a page is mentioned in a post

Pretty much exactly what the subject says. When a page is tagged in a post, send a notification to the tagged party.

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This is an important anti-harassment feature, IMO. If someone is directly linking their followers to my page, I would like to know about it. Otherwise I won't have any way to know where they're all coming from. Obviously it would always be possible to get around this, but at least there would be a warning in the easiest case.

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This would be cool, maybe having the option to toggle it for each page? Would also be cool to individually select like, only from people i follow, my followers, mutuals, none of the above.

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do you mean when people are tagging people (like for example, I make a post referencing @eggbug, and eggbug gets a notification), or like a pingback system for posts themselves? 

The former, DB. So if you have “@MrGameAndShout” somewhere in the text of a post you create, I should then get a notification linking me to your post.
Extremely needed. With no DMs and no other way of even alerting a specific user directly, everyone is encouraged to publicly link off-site contacts which are far broader in scope and potential misuse.
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