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Shares of shares notify only OP

I noticed that sometimes I wasn’t being notified of shares of my posts, and I think I figured it out:

  1. If you make a post on cohost, you will be notified about all shares and transitive shares of that post.
  2. If your post was also a share post, however, this will not happen.

For example, given these posts:

@eggbug: hello this is my post

@eggbug2 ↻ @eggbug: this is my share of that post

If I share @eggbug2’s post, it will notify @eggbug, but as far as I can tell, it will not notify @eggbug2, even though my share post will probably be in reply to @eggbug2’s post.

This is definitely desirable for transparent shares, but very confusing for shares with content, and I feel like this isn’t intended behavior.

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alright, i had a veeeery careful look, and that’s not quite right. Instead, it’s this:

@eggbug: hello this is my post

@eggbug2 ↻ @eggbug: this is my share of that post

@eggbug3 ↻ @eggbug2: this is my share of eggbug2’s post

if I now share @eggbug3’s post, it will notify @eggbug and @eggbug3, but not @eggbug2. still a similar issue—since it notifies @eggbug via the transitive share, I think it should also notify @eggbug2.

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dont fix this one i dont want the notifications as the middle choster

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