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Preserve tag cases

It’s extremely reasonable and good that tags are case insensitive, but I wish that my posts would preserve the casing of the tags as *I* typed them, rather than displaying them in the canonical case. Unsure the UI for suggesting tags as you type them (always suggest the first way they were capitalized, how it is currently?) but once I’ve manually lowercased my tag it should stay lowercase please

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Please! If tags really are "user content" we need to be able to control how they're styled!
Also imagine if first use of a tag was for example in all caps and then every one else must scream about the topic for the rest of times!


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This has already happened, several times. It's kinda funny, but it should really probably get fixed.

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commenting to add a specific case: the automatically chosen capitalization for the series "Chainsaw Man" is "Chainsaw man". even ignoring that i'd prefer it to be lowercase, that's basically as bad of an option as you can get without capitalizing it poorly on purpose. would love to be able to change that

i don't know if it sounds silly but this matters to me when i'm trying to post with certain aesthetics and casing and one tag begins with a capital letter while the rest don't, and i typed it without the capital. i don't imagine this would ever be priority but it would be nicer for me if the tag respected which casing i chose for it within my own post, regardless of if it is actually capitalised because of its first usage.

honestly, why is "canonical capitalization" for tags a thing to begin with? what purpose does that serve?

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