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Easier access to CSS and more options.

Markdown is great, and the editor is also working fine. It's come to my attention however that you can add inline CSS and it's a real gamechanger. I'm havin' a great time but there's only three options available and I had to learn how to write CSS just to make them happen!

It'd be great if there was some way we could get access to the CSS stuff easier, and also give us more animations! Let us do vertical wiggles and little rotations. Bounce is great and all but how about letting me make my text TREMBLE with emphasis?

This is, of course, not a priority but I wanted to jam it on in the box before I could forget about it.

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"there's only three options available"

I think you might be confusing CSS animations with CSS as a whole? There's a lot of things it can do to apply visual effects to your post, not just animations. There are only three CSS animations defined by cohost though, indeed, and in fact only one of them seems to be from cohost proper. This post is a useful reference:

On that note: cohost admins, I'm sure the bounce/slideupleft/slideupright animations being available to use in posts is an accident, but now that so many posts have been made using them, I hope you'll keep them around!

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